362 Arnett Blvd

In The City Off The Grid has rehabilitated the 362 Arnett Blvd mixed-use commercial property, one of the cool brick brownstones we find on the best corners of Rochester. This building was formerly known as “Mama Mae’s Grocery Store” which now is being rehabilitated by ICOG to become a part of the community again.

As part of the rehab project, this property has been gutted to the walls demoed out, structurally reinforced and rebuilt from the ground up. existing material removed for future project use. We have salvaged many thousand boardfeet of lumber to use for future construction at the Gandhi Institute Campus for Urban Sustainability.

It is being reconstructed using sustainably harvested timber from a local lumberyard (Morse Lumber). This newly rehabilitated building will be brought back into use and will include both residential and commercial spaces.

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