Solar Charging Stations


Off Grid Solar Charging Base (SCB): Power Your Basic Needs Anywhere The Sun Shines

This new product is a convenient, affordable way to bring solar power to your backyard. Our simple design allows for customizable modules to be installed.  These systems are designed to meet basic needs. They have been designed to re-engage with the space around them.

Choose How to use your Off-Grid Charging Base:

– Establish a Camp                                                         – Power a Construction Site

– Community Charging Stations                                      – Playful Educational Opportunities

– Wifi Hotspots                                                               – Neighborhood Tea House

– Landscape or Security Lighting                                     – Homesteading

Creative and Customizable Base Structures:

– Enhance your outdoor experience                                 – Pagodas, gazebos

– Outdoor kitchen for your barbecue                                 – Utility sheds, carports

– Customizable to meet your needs                                 – Mural paintings offered

All-Inclusive, Rugged and Versatile:

– Battery Banks in excess of 400aH                                – 300-600 Watt solar panels

– AC outlets, device charging                                          – Tamper Resistant Hardware

– Protective design endures the elements                       – Support structures create useful space

Let ICOG bring your vision to life with our resilient technologies!ICOG_favicon - Copy (2)


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