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lettuce plantsAs design build firm that focuses on urban micro-farming, ICOG is well equipped with professional knowledge and practical experience in the design, construction and implementation of urban farming systems. We work with clients and communities to identify design priorities and select the most appropriate agriculture technologies and systems for that specific project site. We use modern hydroponic and aquaponic farming systems as well as perennial poly-cultures and ameliorated soils to create high-yield urban food systems.

In the coming year, we will also be providing green residential design services.  The goal of our residential design and construction services is to provide residents with access to housing that requires significantly less financial and energy resources to maintain.  These efficient newly-built and remodeled homes will be an essential component of our off-grid micro-farm designs. Without significant improvements in resource efficiency, Rochester -area homes will not be able to affordable generate enough energy or heat on-site.  

Our services are currently available in the City of Rochester, NY.  This reflects our desire to focus on neighborhoods that are most in need of community-led economic reinvestment, employment opportunities, and access to affordable and healthy food and housing.

The In the City Off the Grid team offers a varied suite of professional consulting services including:

Project Planning:

  • Site Investigation and Research
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Structural Investigation
  • Zoning & Code Compliance Research
  • Build-Out Analysis
  • Coordination of Community Outreach


Architectural Design & Engineering Services:

  • Building Layout & Plans
  • Envelope Design
  • Materials Specifications
  • Regulation Navigation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Building Envelope Modeling (BIM)
  • Systems Design


 Agricultural Services:

  • Aquaponic & Hydroponic Systems Design
  • Urban Micro-Farm layout, construction,
  • System maintenance  support


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